You’ve just completed Week 4 of the #BurstFitnessChallenge… go, you! That means you are *officially* half way through the challenge. Whether you’re riding with your bestie on a weekly basis or finding inspiration in the stranger on the bike next to you, clipping in is even better when you are part of a community. And community is a big deal at Burst. 

We’ve made it through Thanksgiving, and it’s time to dig deep to burn off those mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie! Whatever you’re pushing to reach 20, 30, or 60 classes in 60 days, science says that adding a friend will raise your chances for success. Which is awesome, since we you ride with a room of teammates in every Burst spin class. All the better if one of them is your personal fitness best friend. Here’s why…


You’ll show up.

Hitting snooze and skipping a workout is a lot harder when you know you’ve got a pal waiting on the bike next to yours. The biggest benefit of exercise and with a partner is that your motivation extends outside yourself—you’re obligated to maintaining not only your own exercise schedule but also your partner’s. This is especially helpful if you struggle to get yourself out of bed in the morning, or have a nasty habit of being a couch potato every night after work. Want some advice? Pair up with a friend. The accountability factor is real, and the guilt your bestie will bestow upon you when you leave them hanging is even more real. Show up. Clip in. Spin it out. Find your burst.

… because you’ll break a better sweat when you do.

Working out with someone in better shape than you can help you kick it up a notch. We all have a competitive streak in us… whether we publicize it or not. Having a bike buddy that is in better shape than you can work out well because you’ll automatically tend to look to your partner for motivation. If you partner in sweat will give you a high five or offer a “dig deep” cheer of support, even better. Words of encouragement never hurt.

You’ll boost your mood.

Research has shown that people enjoy exercise more with a friend in tow, and it can help you relax too: When riding a bike for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity, people who pedaled with a friend felt more calm and less stressed afterward than those who cycled solo, found research from Santa Clara University. And there is no better way to kick of the new year than by feeling stronger and more confident with every single ride.
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