In case you haven’t heard, there’s a #BurstChallenge happening the month of June. That’s right, the 20/20/20 Burst Challenge is officially underway, and there’s nothing better than a little friendly competition to kick off our Summer workouts. What does that mean? So glad you asked…

  • We hope you bought your 20-class pack for 20% OFF… because this awesome deal expire on June 1!
  • Attend 20 classes in the month of June
  • Tag us on social media with #BurstChallenge in each class

And what’s the incentive for participating in this fit challenge? Well… the obvious: a fit life. Which is a pretty legit reward. But, because we like to up the ante… 3 finalists names will be drawn to win some sweet FREE Burst swag, or a FREE 5-class package! That’s right, ladies and gents… #BurstChallenge accepted. 20 classes. 20 social media posts. Let’s go! And… in case you needed more convincing… let’s talk about how to stay motivated with a group fitness class.

If you’ve attended a class at Burst, it should go without saying that it’s inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals. It doesn’t get much more empowering than a class with an encouraging instructor and supportive people all working hard together. Group fitness is a great way to help motivate yourself and others to dig deeper and push harder in workouts.

Experts agree that working out in a group can encourage a person to begin an exercise routine in the first place, as well as keep them committed in the long term. A review published in the Journal of Medicine and Sciences in Sport and Exercise identified a number of studies that link social support with exercise adherence.

So, let’s talk about the benefits to group exercise:

  • Accountability: You’re less likely to skip a workout if you work out with friends in an organized group.
  • Camaraderie: Working out with a group turns exercise into a social activity. It’s no longer a chore, but a healthy getaway that you might just start to look forward to.
  • Identity: When you workout with others, the activity tends to form a link with your identity. The group builds, feeds, and maintains that image you’ve created. Ultimately, it can help you stick with your routine.
  • Competition: Friendly competition can help motivate you to exercise even on the days you don’t feel like working out. You’re less likely to skip a workout if you know your competition will be waiting for you.
  • Encouragement: On the days you’re feeling sick or unmotivated, the group often picks up the slack and helps restart your engine.
  • Enjoyment: Working out alone can get boring and suddenly you’re not having fun anymore. Sharing your training experience with others—both the challenges and triumphs—can increase the enjoyment of the activity or training routine.

If you weren’t committed to accepting the #BurstChallenge before, are you now?! We hope so. Here’s to seeing you on the fit side!