Yo, it’s hot out there. Summertime means heat and humidity, and it can impact your workouts. On one hand, we’re spending more time in less clothes… so we’re motivated to get our bods looking our best. But on the other, the heat and humidity definitely dampen our motivation levels. For a lot of us, buckram yoga is our personal idea of what hell must be like. However, sweating through our workouts even during the dog days of summer has its advantages.

According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, “Researchers from the University of Oregon tracked the performance of 12 very high-level cyclists (10 male, two female) over a 10-day training period (with two days off in the middle) in 100-degree heat. Another control group did the exact same exercise regimen in a much more comfortable, 55-degree room. Both groups worked in 30% humidity.Researchers discovered that the cyclists who worked through the heat improved their performance by 7% (a noticeable and significant amount in cycling), while the control group did not show any improvement. What surprised researchers most was that the experimental group not only showed that they had achieved a level of heat acclimation, but the training also helped them to function better in cooler environments.”

Hmmm… We all love our fans during our spin class… but, does this make anyone think about turning them off?! No? Ha. Us either. However, consistency is key with our health and fitness, so in the name of finding a way to prioritize our sweat sessions and kick our own booties on the bike, here are a few tips for keeping cool and powering through these summer months without completely falling off the wagon.


Drink Up. Your instructors tell you this all the time: Hydration is key, people! You should be drinking two bottles of water for every hour you work out… and, let’s say that two during your workout wouldn’t be the worst decision in the world, either! When working out in the heat and humidity, be sure to get your workout started on the right foot by drinking a bottle or two prior to your workout. At least an hour before, allowing your body to properly absorb and hydrate. Keeping properly hydrated will help your body regulate it’s temperature, as well as flush out toxins, so you’ll need to replace the fluids you sweat out.

Listen to Your Body. Pushing yourself is good. Pushing yourself too much, can be very bad. Your body is already having to work harder in hotter and more humid environments, so pay attention to what your body is telling you. Remember that sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself… so when it’s super humid the air is already saturated, which means your body isn’t able to properly cool itself… which can result in your heart having to work harder, and it can get dangerous! Pay attention to how you are feeling. And, remember that the Burst studio has air conditioning and fans. And, you’ll still get a great, sweaty workout.