BURST Fitness Challenge got you piling up loads of sweaty workout gear? Keep reading for laundry tips to keep your clothes stink-free.

We all love an intense BURST class, and the fact that we can literally ring out our sweaty clothes afterwards is kind of a badge of honor. But, the sweat attaching to our clothes fibers is what makes them hard to really get clean. And nobody wants to be the smelly kid in class.


Laundry Tip #1: Let your gear completely air dry, before throwing in the hamper!

Strip those sweaty duds off immediately (it’s cold out people… why are you going outside in wet sweat?!), toss them in a plastic bag for the ride home, and be sure to take them out ASAP! Let them hang dry BEFORE you toss them in your dirty clothes hamper. If you toss a bunch of wet clothes into the hamper, it’s hard to get the stench out. Even AFTER they’ve been washed.


Laundry Tip #2: Wash your gear separately.

When you think about how sweaty you get in class, do you really want to mix that in with what you’re wearing to work? Yuck! But, we get it… ain’t nobody got time for washing a load of clothes after each workout. If you follow Tip #1, and let your gear completely air-dry, it’s ok to then toss it in the hamper. BONUS TIP! Have two hampers: one for what you sweat in, one for what you live in. Here’s the deal: Most of our workout clothes are made of spandex and lycra, and these fabrics attract cotton fibers (from jeans, towels, sweaters, etc.) in the washer/dryer, which can lead to pilling and shorter lifespan of these items. So, don’t mix with everyday clothes! Another thing to avoid is fabric softener. Fabric softener leaves a coating on our workout clothes, which ruins the integrity of the fabric (i.e. sweat wicking, etc.), and leaves them feeling really static-y.


Laundry Tip #3: Know when it’s time to GO!

Remember this: chances are, and especially if you are taking the BURST Fitness Challenge uber seriously, you’re doning your workout duds more frequently than the rest of your wardrobe. Meaning: you sweat in and wash them a lot. Any time a piece of clothing starts to smell weird even when clean, you know it’s time to throw that baby out. I’ve found that, for me, two to three months is usually a good time frame for getting rid of workout clothes (it depends on how much/how often you sweat, of course!)



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