We’re doing it again… helping you to get to know your awesome instructors a little bit more. Meet Craig, everyone!

What’s your life mantra?  

“Life live to its fullest.” 

What Music are you loving right now?

“Rock and Roll”

How do you “#FindYourBurst”? (What’s Your Why?)

“Tell yourself to give it your all every time you work out and do not give up.”

What’s your journey to the fit side been like?

“Years ago I was about 30 pounds heavier.  Initially through a personal trainer and with devotion to fitness I have kept the weight off.”

Fun fact about you?

“Both my wife, Robin, and I teach fitness classes and sometimes we teach together at the same time.”

Secret indulgence on a cheat day?

Halo ice cream

When do you teach?

Monday nights at 5:30 pm