Vacation. A deadline at work. That summer cold. Any number of things can result in our falling off the fitness train, and needing a kick in the pants to get back on. Life is filled with mental hurdles, poised to stand between you and the body you want. But, you don’t have to let them get the best of you. Here are some tips to recharge you exercise motivation.


Kick it up a notch. So you’ve had some great success and seen your body change with your hard workouts and clean eating. Then… you get stuck. That number on the scale hasn’t budged for weeks, and there’s nothing more discouraging! Here’s a not-so-fun fact: As your metabolism changes to accommodate your smaller size, you are going to have to change what you’re doing to coax your body to keep responding and shedding fat. Your body has a short attention span. What you’ve been doing and seeing success with might not be enough to keep your body responding. If you’re eating light already (around 1,500 calories a day), don’t cut back more; turn up the intensity and/or increase the length of your workout session a smudge. Cutting too many calories can stall your metabolism and send your body into starvation mode. The benefits of cranking up the intensity of your workouts: burning more calories and increasing your cardio capacity, meaning that everything feels easier to do, so you can keep exercising. So give that knob an extra quarter turn in spin class!

When it hurts, switch it up. You’ve noticed that your knee is a little cranky in spin class, so you thought you’d give it a break for a week. Your body needs rest in order to repair itself, so your logic is sound. But it can be ridiculously hard to get back into the grind, after taking some time off. Skip the spin class, sure. But don’t skip your workout. Instead, switch it up. Take some yoga classes for the week. Not only does this keep your body guessing (remember that short attention span?), but you also may fall in love with another workout. Redundancy can get the best of any of us. Having options is never a bad thing! Check out the Burst schedule, for pick a yoga class that works for you.

Shake that slump. You know that mid-afternoon feeling we all get after lunch, where nothing in this world sounds better than a nap?! It’s in that exact moment that we start talking ourselves out of going to the gym after work. Our self-talk during our afternoon slumps can be quite convincing. But it’s important to remember that there is a difference between physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Doing something physical can help combat that mental tiredness. Get lost in the music videos of your spin class, and take charge of your workout. Have your gym bag sitting in the passenger seat of your car, so it’s presence haunts you as you leave the office. Not every day needs to be a level 10 effort. Tell yourself that it’s OK to take it easy, as long as you break a sweat. Chances are, once you’re on the bike and feel that beat bumping, you will find yourself getting caught up in the class energy and will work harder than you intended.

Psych yourself up. The instructor is shouting to crank up your resistance… but your legs and lungs are telling you “no way!” Changing the thoughts running through your mind could be the push you need to persevere. Another not-so-fun fact: Your brain is typically weaker than your body. Dig deep, and change your mindset. Channel your inner Little-Engine-That-Could, and start chanting “I think I can… I think I can… I think I can…” This mental imagery could be the burst you need. The bigger the effort, the bigger your body’s response will be. So, #FindYourBurst.


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