Time to make your IRL friends your Burst friends? Been thinking about checking out a spin class, but have been too intimidated to pull the trigger? Whether it’s for you or your bestie, we have exactly what you need to know to put your fears at east, and get your first Burst under your belt. 


We hear you. And, tbh, we’ve heard countless times that taking a class as a first-timer at Burst can be intimidating. We definitely get comfortable with each other, being that we’re getting super sweaty and smelly together. But have no fear… we live for riding in unity, and pride ourselves on creating a community where you feel like part of the Burst family.


Let us debunk a few myths out there:

Myth #1: Your instructor is going to notice that you suck and will call you out in class.

Nope. Not true. Fact is, we have so much going on up there that we don’t have time to pay that close of attention to what each individual is doing! And keep in mind… yes, we ARE there to push you… but, it is still YOUR workout and you are in control of it! If you need a drink of water, take it. If you need to sit a standing hill climb out, go ahead and sit it out. We keep telling you to crank up your resistance and you feel like it’s just not possible, you ride where you’re comfortable. We’ll say it again: this is YOUR workout. And you know your body. Push yourself, yes… you’ll get out of it what you put into it. But, by all means, we want you to come back!


Myth #2: Your stats are displayed for ALL to see and compare.

Listen… when you jump on that bike and you feel the beat drop, you’re gonna channel your inner finely-tuned athlete. Competition might sound like just the push you need to take it to the next level, and we love that. However, not all instructors display stats in their classes. And, if you sign up for one that does, just ask to not have yours displayed. YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE. About 1/3 of the class will be right there with you… so if you don’t want other’s to see what you’ve got going on, don’t sweat it. (Well, you’re gonna sweat… just don’t stress about not sharing your stats!)


Myth #3: Everyone is going to be watching me.

Have no fear: we like it dark. When the class starts, the lights go OFF. Also important to note, Newbie: there are no mirrors. No one will be staring at your reflection, and picking up what you are or are not putting down. Burst is an immersive experience that champions the self. Everybody. Any body. The fitness room is dark, so you can disappear and do you. Escape the extra and find strength in solitude. Let the music drive. Burst like nobody’s watching.


Myth #4: It’s SO LOUD. And I can do loud… but not SO LOUD.

OK, so we really get to feeling ourselves when we’re on the bike. And the music is the beat that drives us. So yes, it CAN get loud. It WILL get loud. We definitely LIKE it loud! Feel free to wear ear plugs in class… if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that a lot of others are, too. And, if our jams are making your ears ring and you just can’t take it, PLEASE raise your hand and tell us! Yes, IN CLASS! Here’s the deal: if it’s so loud that you feel like you’re suffering, someone else feels the same way. No one is going to get pissed. No one is going to scoff or scorn. What will happen is the instructor will THANK YOU, turn it down, and keep right on keeping on!


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