You’ve noticed a few aches and pains while working it out on the bike, but you’ve chosen to ignore them. Could it be the bike itself that is causing your injury?


The music is bumping. The sweat is pouring. The instructor and the beat are pushing you to push harder. These are just a few reasons why we love our spin sessions, right?! People get fanatical about indoor cycling classes, thanks to the calorie-torching intensity and addictive rush of endorphins. A lot of spin fanatics have turned to this specific workout thanks to it’s low impact on their joints. But… (dang it, did you see that coming?!)… it’s still quite easy for even seasoned riders to injure themselves during spin class.


“We really make it a priority to take time before each class to walk through proper bike setup and hand positions with first-time riders,” says Stacie Shannon, co-owner of Burst Cycle. “However, even with this instruction, I often see improper form on the bike that could lead to injuries.” Pain in the knees, hips, lower back and shoulders as common cycling injuries. In fact, improper bike setup is a surefire way to injure yourself in a cycling class, particularly in the knee area.


“A lot of people tend to ride with their seats too low, thinking that this is giving them more power in the legs to push themselves harder, but your ideal bike setup is when your leg is totally extended, there should be a soft bend in your knee.” says Shannon.


Now, we’ve all heard our instructors shout things out in class like, “relax those shoulders!” and “make sure your weight is in your legs, push your hips back over your seat!” They aren’t just shouting to enhance their cardio intensity… these are important reminders to keep your body safe and your workout effective.


So, what do we suggest doing to help protect yourself from experiencing injuries due to a lot of time spent on the bike? We’re so glad you asked. Adding yoga to ones routine will help to stretch out tight hip flexors, strengthen your core and balance muscles, and teach you how to be more aware and listen to your body. Being in tune with your own body it the best way to ensure a safe and effective workout.



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