It’s that time of year again… when thousands of cyclists take it to the streets, experiencing the state of Iowa’s beauty and hospitality, on the world’s oldest, longest, and largest recreational bike touring event: Ragbrai.

Every year during the third week of July, small towns across the state grow to double and triple their size for this week long party. This year the bikers are routed through the northern part of the state, and they are all breathing little sighs of relief with the temps dropping just a bit!


So in the spirit of Ragbrai 2017, here are a few fun facts about the ride (source):

  • Only 40% of riders are from Iowa!
  • In true tradition’s form, riders must start the ride by dipping their tires in the Missouri River, and finish their ride when dipping their tires in the Mississippi River. 
  • Ragbrai started with a bet in 1973. That’s right. A columnist from The Des Moines Register challenged another columnist to ride across the state of Iowa. Turns out, they both accepted the challenge, invited anyone else who wanted to join, had a grand spankin’ time, and the rest is history!
  • The average age of riders is 49.9 years, with men outnumbering women, 1.6:1
  • In the 34 years of Ragbrai’s history over 326,650 riders have made the trip.  


We want to hear about any and all fun Ragbrai stories, from this year or past rides. Send us your selfies and stories to: to be featured on our social media! And bikers, eat a lot of great food… drink (responsibly) a lot of cold adult beverages… and enjoy your nights camping under the starts! Be safe, y’all!