Hi, guys! Today I’m bringing you the low-down on pre-spin fueling! 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴

What and when you eat before a workout can make a big difference in performance. This is somewhat personalized and different things work for different people, but I’ve covered some general tips below.


Carbohydrates + protein

Choose a meal or snack that is rich in carbohydrates and moderate in protein. Carbohydrates will replenish your glycogen stores, which will give you energy during the work out, especially for short and intense activities (did someone say sprints & jumps?🤔). Protein will aid in recovery by rebuilding and repairing your muscles. It will also provide fuel in the form of amino acids.

*Don’t forget water 💦! This is especially important for those who ride in the morning and haven’t been hydrating throughout the day. I try to drink at least half a water bottle (~12 ounces) on the way to class in the morning. The moment you sense thirst, you already have a water deficit and performance can be impaired. This is a reason you should always bring a water bottle to class. If you forget, the studio has bottles of water available!

What to avoid pre-workout?

Meals or snacks that are high in fat or fiber may decrease tolerance and lead to GI discomfort. Choose foods that are low in fat and fiber to optimize digestion and energy availability.


The timing of your meal (or snack) is just as important as the contents. Use the time frames below as a reference to avoid an energy slump or stomach issues during your workout.

Large meal– consume 3 hours before the workout

Smaller meal- consume 2 hours before the workout

Snack– consume 1 hour before the workout

*If you’re a morning rider, it may be more difficult to eat something an hour before class. My advice is to eat a snack as soon as you get up to allow your body some time to digest before class. Check out a list of snack ideas below! ⬇️

Pre-workout Snack Ideas

-Banana + nut butter (Peanut butter or almond butter? Which is better? Find out here!)

-Rice cake + nut butter (personal favorite!)

-Toast + nut butter

-Greek yogurt + berries (if you tolerate dairy)

-Granola or energy bar (choose bars with minimal ingredients- my favorites include Larabars, Rx bars, and KIND bars)

-Handful of granola or nuts & raisins (trail mix)

-Half a sweet potato + nut butter

-I prefer to fuel with food, but some tolerate sports drinks, gummies or sport gels better than solid food before a workout

-Oatmeal + nuts/nut butter (oatmeal contains more fiber so I would eat this a couple hours prior to a workout)

-Source of carbohydrate (banana, toast, etc) + hard boiled egg (this may be better tolerated more than an hour before exercise)

Book a bike  and experiment with what works best for you in order to get the most out of your ride! Feel free to email me at hello@burstycle.com with any questions! 🙋🏼