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Burst Girls’ “Favorite Things 2018” for the Holiday Shopping Season

So who says Oprah is the only one that can have her “Favorite Things 2018” for the holiday season? We sure don’t think so!

To help with your holiday shopping this season, we pulled together our very own “Burst Girls’ Favorite Things of 2018”! So for the guys of the Burst girls.. (hint hint), this might be Santa’s little elves helping you out! Simply click on the titles of each & start your holiday shopping Burst-style!

Our Favorite CR Bars to Bike To.

Summer calls for Bike Bar Crawls, are we right?!  We've rounded up our favorite local spots to pedal to, just for you.   Broken Spoke. 2010 Sylvia Avenue NE | Cedar Rapids, IA. | (319) 826-3409 A bloody mary you can make a meal out of. Sounds like a great way to...

Trendy Cookout Products You Should Buy This Summer

The Fourth has officially passed us by... however, 'tis still the season for summer cookouts. We're rounded up a few fun products to add to your arsenal, to set your backyard summer bbq up to be one of the best.    Colorful Tableware.  The only thing missing from...

Six Easy Iced Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

Fun Fact: 64% of Americans drink coffee on the regular.  Another Fun Fact: the average American coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups of coffee per day.  Currently trending: ICED COFFEE. Some like it hot... but when it's 95 degrees outside, getting your cool down with a...

The Morning After. [Hangover Cures]

We've all been there: gotten caught up in the moment of having a really damn good time & overindulged like a first-timer. Hey, no one's judging. Summertime calls for socializing, what with the days being longer & the weather being gorgeous & all. Sadly,...

5 Tips On How To Stay Hydrated.

Needless to say, staying hydrated is important… especially during these hot summer days. Every cell, tissue, muscle & organ in your body depends on hydration in order to function properly. Water regulates body temperatures, transports nutrients, lubricates the joints, & flushes out toxins & wastes.

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