Hey #BurstTribe! It’s Meegan, of the life+style blog SignedM., & lately I’m feeling really fired up about my sweat sessions at Burst… I thought I’d share with you why. 


First things first, however… you should probably know a bit about me & my relationship with fitness. Especially the fact that I HATE CARDIO. I suffer from a self-diagnosed condition called “exercise-induced asthma,” as well as struggling in a BIG way with being mentally weak when my heart starts to beat really fast. I like to think that I live an extremely balanced, healthy lifestyle (meaning: I’m low-carb, really low sugar, no hooves & lots & lots of fruits & veggies… but also, Sunday Nights are Pizza Nights & I enjoy socializing with adult beverages in hand); & I do workout every day, Monday – Friday, sometimes twice on Tuesdays & Thursdays, & I have been known to throw in the occasional Saturday morning sweat session once or twice a month. My workout of choice is lifting weights, a lot & often. The feeling of lactic acid making my muscles scream is sickly satisfying to me. So there you have it! Now, how I stumbled upon & fell in love with Burst


I took my first spin class at Burst in June of 2016. It was a Jay-Z & Beyonce ride on a Saturday morning, & I was crazy in love immediately. (Queen Bey fans… please tell me you see what I did there!) The dark kept me focused on my own personal performance, I got lost in the beat of Jay-Z bumping through the speakers, & Beyonce’s body is definitely motivational. I was HOOKED. OK, onto what you really came here for & the why behind my love for Burst.


The 5 Freaking Amazing Hot-Bod Benefits of Burst:

1. Say “Goodbye” to 500 calories in 45-Minutes…

Like I said: I hate cardio. I do not enjoy running, period, & I’m sure as heck not gonna spend hours on a freaking treadmill trying to burn off my weekend’s indulgences. According to Spinning Instructor News, the average individual is likely to burn up to 500 calories during a 45-minute class… & if my PIQ reporting is anywhere close to accurate, I’d say that I’m an average individual! (By the way, that’s roughly two pieces of pizza that are ditched for good).

2. Lower Risk of Injury. (& Embarrassment.)

Have you ever biffed it on the treadmill & fallen face first on the track? This girl has. Not cool. Training on a stationary bicycle ensures a low-impact workout that’s far easier on your joints & reduces the risk of injury. You’ll also look like you’re pro status, thanks to the fact that the bike is firmly planted on the ground & you’re seated (albeit, uncomfortably) while hanging on for dear life, while you sprint it out.

3. Less Proper Planning, More Busting It On The Bike!

Because I am plagued with ADD, a simple hitting-the-ground-running was never enough for me. When I would attempt to up my cardio health, I’d research treadmill training programs & print them off, then (try to remember to) take them with me to the gym. With a Burst class, gone are the angst-riddled nights of planning your workouts… & never sticking to them, then battling that guilt. The beauty of a 45-minute spin class is that you have a hard start & stop time, ultimately saving you time. It also allows you to get completely lost in the music while you transport your body to your happy place, without having to look at a piece of paper for when to increase your speed or incline. Your sole task? Listening to the voice of the instructor, & simply do as you’re told! Everyday obstacles can now be tackled effectively after a powerful 45-minute workout that doubles as stress release.

4. All-in-one exercise

Spin classes are usually divided into four types of exercises: speed, endurance, power & combination, which are beautifully intermixed in your workout thanks to your properly prepped instructor. This allows you to integrate all the important aspects of training & to work all the major muscle groups into your weekly fitness regime without having to switch equipment. For best results: mix it up! Sign up for a Burst Yoga class! This way, boredom can’t touch your fun workout & you get to work on your balance & core strength, as well.

5. Get It Right, Keep It Tight!

Once committing to a regular spin routine, your entire body will slowly-but-surely start to firm up. You’ll fry that fat by cycling, melt away the kilojoules & build some serious muscle – all at the same time! BOOM! According to Spinning.com, a 45-minute class targets the large muscle groups (calves, hamstrings, thighs & booty) in your lower body to shape up fast, while strengthening the 6-pack ab muscles, which are necessary to maintain your upper body rhythm.


I mean, seriously… if 45 measly minutes comes with this many freaking amazing Hot-Bod benefits, then #SpinningIsWinning, it’s time to go #BurstMode & I’ll #SeeYouOnTheFitSide! Now, head on over to the scheduling page & BOOK YOUR BIKES!