It’s that time of year: kids are gearing up to go back to school, and we as adults are gearing up to fall back into a regular, reliable routine. Summertime is our favorite, there’s no doubt about it. And, why wouldn’t it be?! Iowa is heaven-on-Earth in the summer! But, we all have to admit… this is the time of year where we start to crave a little bit of structure, after three months of a more lax schedule.


With life returning to a more predictable calendar, our workout regimen will also return to it’s regularity. However, because we’ve been here before, we all know how hard it can be those first couple of weeks to get back into the (bike) saddle and maintain our commitment, after getting comfortable with taking our time off!


So, here are some tips to help you make your sweat session a habit again:


Book your bikes in advance. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit… so set yourself up for success by logging into the Burst App, and booking three weeks worth of sweat sessions. And, here’s an extra tip: add your rides to your calendar. That way, as your schedule starts to fill up, this time slot is already taken and you won’t “forget” to schedule around it. We’ll make it easy: Click HERE to book your bikes NOW.


Tap your workout buddy on the shoulder. Having an accountability partner definitely helps. You should feel guilty, if you commit to getting up early in the morning and meeting a friend there… if you no-show on them! If they get their booties out of bed, to be there for you… you owe them the same! If your guilty conscience isn’t enough to persuade you to swing your feet out of bed with the sound of your alarm, then perhaps you and your workout partner need a friendly competition or a little bet to inspire you. Here’s a suggestion: Whoever skips the most classes has to pay for their partners Burst package the next month! If you both make it every time you’ve committed, then you each just keep paying your own! 😜


Speaking of alarms… Set your alarm to automatically go off every day. That way you don’t have the excuse of “Oh, I forgot to set my alarm last night!” Listen, iPhones are super easy to figure out… I promise, you can set a reoccurring alarm… you can even set it by day. You have no excuses.


Lay out your gear the night before. If you are a rooster rider, it can get more difficult to get up in the early mornings as it starts to get darker and colder. Make your mornings easier by setting out your stuff the night before. You don’t even have to open your eyes this way. Roll out of bed. (Please) brush your teeth. And slip into your gear. Out the door you go. If you are an after-work rider, having your gear packed up and ready to take with you to the office in the morning saves you from going home and changing… tempting you to slip into your sweats and be a couch potato.


Stock up on new gear. Let’s face it… when we look good, we feel good. And, if we’ve spent the money on new workout clothes, we’re going to feel obligated to put them to good use, and motivated to show them off! Plus, sweating over and over and over in the same workout clothes means they do get gross. There is only so many times you can wash that gear before it’s time to just say “goodbye” and restock! Check out the new Lorna Jane line, and Burst’s logo swag in the studio next time you’re in!


So, we hope you took advantage of #BurstBeastWeek to help you kickstart your regular workout routine… but if you didn’t, you’ve now been equipped with great tips to make the transition a little easier. Let’s get back in the (bike) saddle, and fill up these classes!


See you on the fit side… ✌️