Hello, Burst babes! Emily here 🙋🏼

I’m mixing things up today and talking about something outside of the nutrition world.

A few weeks ago, I completed my first triathlon. It was the Pigman Sprint Triathlon at Pleasant Creek State Park in Palo. (Big shout out to the other Burst athletes that also raced! Including instructor Lindsay!!).

Let’s flash back to 3 months ago. I couldn’t tell you what a sprint triathlon was, so for anyone else out there like me, a sprint triathlon is a short-distance triathlon. The Pigman is specifically a .5K swim (~550 yds), 25K bike and a 5K run. 🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

The signing up part…

Although it may appear like I know what I’m doing in spin class, I’m fairly new to it. I took my first class at Burst this past January so I’ve only been at it about 5 months. I owned a road bike prior to trying spin, but only biked for leisure. My road bike got most of its use transporting me from bar to bar on the bike trail (guilty😬).

Shortly after taking a few classes at Burst, I became hooked and started attending class on a regular basis. I’m a rooster rider (shout out to my AM people!) and even though that means setting my alarm before 4:45am, it’s never bothered me. I actually get excited when my alarm goes off (…if you think I’m crazy, don’t knock it till you try it!!).

After a couple months of spinning on the reg, my goal-oriented personality (some call it competitive🤔) set in and I started to think, hey… since I am doing all this (indoor) biking, maybe I could do a triathlon. It was a far-fetched idea at first, but over a few weeks, it became more of a reality. A friend of mine told me she was doing her first tri in June and encouraged me to hop on board the rookie train. After a week or two of debating, I signed up.

That’s when the nerves set in.

Running has always been something I enjoyed. Remember those college roommates I talked about in my Brussels sprouts post? Besides being Brussels sprouts-loving future dietitians, they were runners too. We trained for a couple marathons together. (Once again, another reason our apartment was not the fun apartment among our friend group 🤓). So even though I had a decent background in running, I was still a little nervous about the 5K part of the triathlon. I am 100% a long distance runner. Did I even know how to race a 5K? What exactly is a sprint? How fast do I really have to go? Will I die?

Luckily, when thinking about the swim portion of the race, I was not overly nervous. I know this is often the biggest fear for tri newbies, so this was a big relief.

As race day drew closer, I was still nervous about the 5k pace, but I became more nervous about the bike portion of the race. This surprised me. I never would have signed up for the race if it hadn’t been for gaining confidence in my biking abilities by spinning at Burst, so why was this the part I was most nervous about? I think it was the mindset of racing on a bike as opposed to just riding.

When I started to think like that, I told myself to woman up. According to Burst’s Performance IQ, there are classes where I ride 15 miles in 45 minutes (all while doing heavy hills, sprints, hovers and jumps!).  Thinking about my stats gave me confidence that I could surely race 15 miles on my road bike on (mostly) flat ground. And low and behold, I did just that. Smack dab between a swim and a run.

Little did I know, spinning would not only give me an awesome base for riding my road bike, it also made me fast! (Well …at least fast for me!) In the past, I ran close to a 9:00/mile.  My average pace for the triathlon 5k was 8:15/mile. I didn’t do any (running) speed work leading up to the race. I believe my increase in speed is completely due to improving my overall fitness through spinning. So…many thanks to you, Burst💓. As a long time runner, this is a big deal for me.

Do you have any road races coming up this summer or fall? 5K? Half or full marathon? Triathlon? Signed up for Ragbrai? I strongly recommend adding spin classes to your training schedule. You will certainly not regret it! You can check out classes here!