Guys, have you ever noticed that no matter what gym or studio you go to… no matter what fitness class or workout trend you jump into… the girls are {almost} always still stylish?! Their shoes match their socks, that match their workout tights, that match their top, that match their sports bra, that match their hat, that matches their hair tie? Yes, it’s {sorta} a girl thing… but there’s a method to that madness, and it works for you, too!

On the Burst Blog earlier this week, we were laying out the latest in fashionable fitness gear for the ladies. And we warned you… you’d be next! But because we didn’t want you to doubt us, or question whether or not your wife called… {yep, she hates that stupid, nasty t-shirt that you don way too often at the gym… the one you refuse to part with!} we turned to the experts. You can’t argue with Esquire Magazine. Check out their No-Fuss Guide To Looking Great At The Gym.

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