Meet Phil.  Burst’s Longest Tenure Client!

How did you discover Burst?

I noticed the signage at the studio and on the Fountains sign on Blairs Ferry Road a number of times and always made a mental note that I needed to look up Burst on the Internet to find out what it was.  Once I found what it was, I printed out the release form filled it out and showed up for Nicole’s class on Nov 5, 2014.  I’ve been hooked since, my wife says that I’m “addicted” to spin.  I don’t think I would (or can) argue the point…

So what made you finally take a spin class?

I took the spin class to find out what it was about, and how it was different than just riding a stationary bike.  I’ve always enjoyed biking. I would always choose the stationary bikes when I was a member of other gym’s.  Riding my outdoor bike on a trainer during the winter months in the basement just wasn’t getting it done for me.

What makes Burst different than other local spin classes?

I’ve never taken another spin class anywhere else.  I found Burst, and will stay as long as the doors stay open.

In what other ways has Burst made an impact on you?

My fitness level has improved to the point where my doctor has reduced my cholesterol medication dosage by half, and has mentioned that I may be able to completely eliminate it if my blood work and fitness levels continue to improve.  I am a frequent blood donor and have watch my blood pressure numbers steadily improve and my resting heart rate decrease to around 60 bpm.  Sweat is a “good” thing, but you have to put it back, preferably with water (unless it’s a Friday night).

What do you love most about Burst?

The owners…It’s always nice to be greeted with a smile when coming into the studio.

The instructors…Each instructor has their “thing”, and their music. There may be some repetition in the music, but the workouts are all theirs. It amazes me that each of them can decide to do a sprint workout or a hill workout during the same week.

The classes…It doesn’t matter if it’s a spin class or a yoga class you need to come prepared to work.  If I’ve had a bad day, I can think of no better way to alleviate that stress than 45 minutes of spinning, or yoga, or both. When those lights go off its 45 minutes of “me time”.  Me vs. the bike & PIQ, or a yoga “mental cleanse”.

The clients…I met some new people that I would not hesitate to call friends, even if I only see them once or twice a week.


Attention: Burst Cycle Studio will by closing July 25, 2019. Regularly scheduled classes will continue to operate as normal until then. If you have questions, please contact us.

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