New Year’s Resolutions: 45% of Americans make them; only 8% achieve them. ( Among the most common resolutions to make are those involving self improvement and weight loss. You know what that means…

With the coming of the new year and the resolutions comes the busiest season in studios and gyms everywhere. What this means to you: reserve your spot in class EARLY, or be subject to suffering from the inability to reserve your bike, or any bike at all, for that matter. Yoga mats are laying on top of one another, as you get up close and personal with your neighbor’s downward dog. As annoying as this inconvenience may be, you’ve gotta admit… everyone’s newly found recommitment to health and wellness has you focused on your own fitness and diet as well. 

So what’s your why? What gets you up in the morning in into those gym clothes, before heading to the office? Why do you drive straight to the studio after work, yoga mat in tow, instead of heading home to assume the coach potato position? 

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Finding Your Why

Whether it’s to lose weight or boost your self confidence, improve your health or for stress relief, we’re so glad you’re here. Let’s commit to being part of that 8% success rate and hold each other accountable. Share with us your “why,” what powers your Burst? 

Attention: Burst Cycle Studio will by closing July 25, 2019. Regularly scheduled classes will continue to operate as normal until then. If you have questions, please contact us.

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