We’ve all seen the weight lifters in the gym mixing up their protein shakes after their workouts. And it makes sense: protein is necessary for building and repairing muscle; if you eat too few grams of protein every day, your body can become deficient in the amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle, and thus, muscle growth becomes impaired. So we can’t help but ask the question: should we be slamming protein post-cardio, too?


Spinning is primarily a cardiovascular exercise: a form of exercise that will help you burn calories in order to control your weight and strengthen your heart. And, as we have all experienced the extreme sweatiness first hand at Burst, a good spin class will most definitely result in a loss of water and electrolytes. Your cardio session will break down muscle tissue and deplete glucose and the other nutrients that your body needs to fuel your workout.


Do We Need a Protein Shake Post-Cardio?

Refueling your body after an intense cardio workout helps improve performance and recovery. For best results, choose a drink that offers ample amounts of both proteins and carbohydrates. Protein drinks, made from protein supplements, will aid in increasing strength, power and performance, according to a study published in “Sports Medicine” in 2014.

When following up your sweat session with a protein drink, you are enabling your body to immediately go to work repairing your muscles and speeding up your recovering time.


What Kind of Protein Should I Be Taking Post-Cardio?

Whey Protein is easily the most abundant source of protein powder turned to for post-workout recovery. The reason: whey protein is so fast absorbing, it’s perfect for quick recovery. Alternatively, an 8-ounce glass of low-fat chocolate milk fits the perfect carbohydrate-to-protein ratio ideal post-workout.


Do I Need to Slam My Protein Shake Immediately Post-Cardio?

Aim to have your protein drink within 20 minutes after a workout for optimal recovery. Muscle recovery decreases by up to 50 percent if you refuel two hours after your workout, compared to refueling 20 minutes after. So, it’s not the worst idea in the world to bring your shaker + powder to class & fill ‘er up after jumping off the bike to drink on the drive home.


Bottom Line: YES, Protein Post-Cardio is a DO.

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