*Fingers Crossed* Warmer temps are coming, & with the change of seasons comes the change of your skin’s needs. Read on for five things you can do to get your skin ready for Spring.


1. Product Purge.

‘Tis the season for Spring Cleaning. As you’re opening up your house & cleaning out your workout wardrobe, this is also the perfect time to do a little product purge as well. First things first, check your products for expiration dates; most will have one stamped on the back or bottom of the packaging. If that date has come & gone, pitch it. If you can’t read the date or you’re in doubt, toss it out. Next, get in there—sniff! sniff!—at whatever products you’re currently using. Any noticeable changes in color, consistency, or scent are also telltale indicators that something is past its prime. Old skincare products don’t work as well & on top of that, they can also be breeding grounds for bacteria. Finally, if you’re a bit of a product junkie (not judging… we’re a sucker for anything that claims to be anti-aging, too…), consider pawning off any unopened, not expired products that you’re not using to a friend. Sharing is caring.


2. Go Lighter on the Moisturizer.

Winter calls for super thirsty skin, so we all have the tendency to use a heavy hand while we slather on the moisturizer. (It just feels oh-so-good, doesn’t it?!) Increased humidity & raising temps call for lighter weight formulas, because your skin needs to breathe a little! Try out a gel-based formula; they tend to have a higher water content, they’re super light & feel so fresh & cooling, perfect for spring & summer.


3. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

Dried up dead skin cells, built up oils & skin sebum be gone! Slough off all that old stuff to reveal new, baby soft skin that’s ready to soak up your skincare products. Choose a product that contains both mechanical exfoliants (tiny particles that buff off the dead skin) & chemical exfoliants (acids or enzymes that dissolve them), like Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Apply the exfoliator all over, then rub it in gently on any areas that are particularly dry or flakey, or where you may have some clogged pores, like your T-zone. Aim for one to two sloughing sessions per week & if you’re skin starts feeling dry or sensitive, back off a little.


4. Soothe Irritation.

The change in weather can cause a temporary freakout of your skin. It happens to the best of us. If you find your complexion struggling to find balance & you are red, irritated, & itchy, try a mask that focuses on soothing stressed skin, like Dr. Jart+ Clear Skin Lover Rubber Mask. We love this mask, derived from algae that delivers actives while providing cooling benefits.


5. Three Letters: S-P-F.

Warmer temps give us the perfect opportunity to put less on our face. The heavier our products, the less our skin can breathe. The less our skin can breathe, the more upset it’s going to get. Swap out your full-coverage foundations with a tinted moisturizer & always, always, always choose a product with sunscreen. A personal fav: Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30.



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