How did you discover Burst?

I fell upon a lucky star!  One of my clinic drug reps is an instructor for Burst.  We were discussing my recent weight loss and fitness journey and she thought this workout would suit my personality!  High energy, challenging and FUN!

So what made you finally take a spin class?

I wanted to try something new, and it is everything Jillian promised.  I don’t like an easy workout, so after one class, I was hooked!

What makes Burst different than other local spin classes?

I haven’t tried anything else, so I have no other comparison.  I can’t imagine anyone else has the beautiful studio, great music video-led workouts, very friendly staff, and awesome instructors that inspire you to keep coming back.

In what other ways has Burst made an impact on you?

Since starting class in August of 2016, I have lost 36 pounds, changed to shape of my body (and I really like it) , gained physical as well as emotional strength.  I am much healthier and have noticed a significant difference in my ability to handle stress.  I have a very busy life with my career, 2 young daughters, and many other obligations.  I feel like the physical fitness improvements I have gained by coming to this “gym” are directly impacting my emotional strength, stamina, and most of all how I feel about myself.  I gained my identity back.

What do you love most about Burst?

The people!!!!!!  I love my instructors, they are certified and very challenging, but make it fun, so you can get through it.  They inspire you to work harder.  They customize their workouts to great, high energy music videos, which I think puts them a cut above any other spin “gym”.  They support you and know just when to say “Great job guys, you can do it, don’t quit, just a little more” and they have a knack of saying it JUST WHEN YOU NEED TO HEAR IT!

I have developed some great friendship with my fellow “spinners” and some of my “teachers” so much so that I hate to miss class, because I would miss my friends, instructor, and my bike!

Stacy J.





Attention: Burst Cycle Studio will by closing July 25, 2019. Regularly scheduled classes will continue to operate as normal until then. If you have questions, please contact us.

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