We’ve all been there: gotten caught up in the moment of having a really damn good time & overindulged like a first-timer. Hey, no one’s judging. Summertime calls for socializing, what with the days being longer & the weather being gorgeous & all. Sadly, there is no magic cure for a hangover, however we’ve put together a few tried, tested & true remedies for that brown bottle flu. 


  1. Get Some Sleep.

    A late night is the perfect excuse for sleeping in late. Rest will be your best friend when it comes to allowing your body to recover.

  2. Avoid Caffeine. [well, sort of.]

    Does the sound of hot coffee make your stomach turn when you’re on the struggle bus? You’re not alone. However, there’s something to chugging a little soda to help put you on the path to recovery. Maybe it’s the caffeine, maybe it’s the bubble… either way, many claim to say it helps.

  3. Feed Yourself. [french fries?!]

    What is it about a hangover that makes the french fry craving the real deal? We have no idea, but sticking to salty, bland foods isn’t the worst idea you’ve ever had. The salt will make you thirsty, & dehydration is part of the reason you hurt so bad. And the bland foods will be easy on your stomach. Greasy french fries seem to have this miraculous super power that helps the remains of your bad decisions finish moving through your GI track… & that always helps, too.

  4. Take a Shower.

    Once you feel up for it, that is. A nice cool shower is a quick way to give yourself a bolt of energy by waking up the senses.

  5. Hair of the Dog.

    While many people say that a little “hair of the dog” does the trick for them, it’s not uncommon to think the sound of alcohol sounds like the worst idea ever after a night of really tying one on. Bloody Mary’s are a popular morning-after option, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the vodka content. The tomato juice & other ingredients are actually packed full of vitamins & minerals that really do do the trick.


What is your #1 hangover trick?