Oh Em Gee, I’m back again! What’s up, Burst… it’s M. of the life + style blog, SignedM. Here’s what we’re talking about today: How much I hate cardio.

Always have. Always will. Put me in a weight room, & I know exactly what to do to push myself & change my body. But, ask me to do anything cardio-related & I’d really rather not.

So, how do I overcome my intense hatred for cardio exercises to “find my burst?” Read on. 


Why I Burst.

First things first, let me tell you everything I despise about Burst. 

  1. It’s really freaking exhausting. Especially when I push myself really hard.
  2. I get really freaking sweaty. Seriously, where does it all come from?!
  3. My heart races. Really fast. & I can’t catch my breath. Super uncomfortable.
  4. I hate loud noises. & it’s so loud, it’s like I can’t even think straight.

Alright, that’s that. Now, let me tell you everything I have learned to love about Burst. 

  1. It’s really freaking exhausting. Especially when I push myself really hard. Which adds up to a boatload of awesome benefits, like burning fat like a freaking beast & sleeping really ridiculously well at night. I always sleep better on the days I “find my burst,” & for a girl who has a really difficult time unplugging & allowing myself to relax, this is a pretty big deal.
  2. I get really freaking sweaty. “I sweat, therefore I am.” When you sweat, you green-light a series of positive reactions: Your heart rate speeds to keep blood pumping to your moving muscles, increasing blood flow & the strength of every contraction over time. You also dial up heat-shock proteins (a special set of responders that safeguard other proteins from damage); repair any damaged ones; & signal production of new, healthy proteins. Studies show these guys even block cells that activate inflammation in the body.
  3. My heart races & I can’t catch my breath. Which is awesome, because doing so allows me to burn massive calories, without putting myself at risk of injury. That Sunday Pizza Night ritual that Hubs & I have? I don’t even feel the least bit guilty about it, because I know I’m gonna burn it off & keep my heart healthy.
  4. It’s so loud, I can’t even think straight. Which is freaking amazing. The lights are turned off, the music is turned up, & the music videos playing distract me from actually realizing that I’m doing cardio. I get completely lost in the darkness & feeling the beat, that I lose myself in the moment. Forty-five minutes of much needed “ME” time, friends.

So there it is, friends… Why I Burst, even though I really hate all things cardio.

Now I wanna know, why do you burst?