The season for road races & triathlons is right around the corner… which means many will leave the studios & take it to the streets with their workouts. Here’s three real reasons why you should keep indoor cycling as part of your training regimen. 


Yes, the warmer weather is calling all of us… especially those of us in the Midwest, who have experienced Mother Nature’s bad mood for an exceptionally extended length of time this year. Many competitive athletes keep their cardiovascular game strong by training through the winter months with our indoor spin classes. However, just because the grass is starting to green up, we strongly advise you to think twice before giving up your indoor workouts completely.


A group class always keeps you pushing your limits.

Spin classes can provide an excellent workout filled with lots of hard interval- or strength-oriented training, & it’s tough to beat the camaraderie & energy that infuses our studio classes. You are in charge of your workout, 100%… so crank it up & churn it out… really challenge yourself in these indoor workouts, while soaking up the good vibes of the person on the bike next to you.

Consistent effort is one of the factors that makes indoor training more efficient.

Your indoor bike is always forcing you to exert effort… #nocoasting. Because the conditions are also very consistent, your indoor rides are the perfect opportunity to do test sets and gauge your progress.

Fewer distractions indoors means you’ll get the most out of your time.

You can’t deny it… when you jump on your bike with your buddies & head out for a long ride, you’re gonna chat it up. It’s inevitable. It’s also inevitable that all this conversation is keeping you from pushing yourself has hard as you should be, meaning you’re committing a lot of time to more of a social hour than a good training session.


Obviously you need to dedicate some serious time to pounding the pavement & riding in the outdoor conditions, we’re just saying you could be faster & better prepared for your race if you keep at it with your indoor cycling classes as well. There is no magic formula comparing indoor vs. outdoor time on the bike, but it’s undeniable that athletes & coaches universally agree that quality indoor time on the bike can be a game-changer in your training.


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