Careers at Burst






You’ve got next.

Our instructors embody the best of Burst. They create an experience for every class that allows clients to escape the everyday. They are highly driven and drive clients to achieve. They bring the beat to Burst.

At Burst, we celebrate difference and everybody belongs. Instructors curate their own playlists and design experiential classes around those playlists to connect with each client, physically and emotionally.

Burst Cycle Instructors

Spinning is the foundation of Burst Cycle. We teach using RPMs and power as fundamental instruction, and integrate various attributes of hills, climbs, runs and sprints. We also implement styles from the Burst methodology to complement those fundamentals. The Burst methodology focuses on building core strength and stresses the importance of engagement and rhythm-centric class design.

The Burst spin methodology is taught once you’ve secured your spot with Burst.

Burst Yoga Instructors

Burst Yoga fuses the traditional schools of yoga with styles from the Burst methodology. We view yoga as a complete system with a spiritual purpose and physical results. Burst Yoga classes flow through the rhythm of the music, much like Burst Cycle, in order to channel the collective energy into a shared experience.

Burst Yoga instructors should have initial training certification through one of the major yoga training programs.