Class Descriptions







Burst 101

Take spinning for a spin. We’ll break down everything you need to know, from the bike to hand positioning to form. This class will introduce you to your new fav and kick your butt along the way.

Theme Rides

Burst with Taylor Swift. Ride back in time to the 80s. Or pace your pedaling to a face-off between Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Each month, there are themed classes that flavor our signature spin. The neon spandex is optional.

Burst Rides

You can’t go wrong with our signature spin. We’ll ride to build endurance, boost strength and treat the spirit – with music and visuals to wash away wear and tear. Each ride is different too, like a snowflake that melts fat.

Performance Rides

Crank up the intensity, crank up the jams and burn it all. This class is a killer workout that challenges your grit and makes you dig deep. Our Burst Stats™ tracking system provides live fitness metrics and ranks your performance against other riders.


Hatha Yoga

Find your feel good. This foundational class will bring calm to your mind and body through therapeutic fitness. The rhythmic pulse of the music will carry our deliberate breathing as we meditate on each posture.

We welcome all to join Hatha Yoga. New yogi can receive personalized instruction and experienced yogi are treated to challenge poses.

Sculpt Yoga

Michelangelo for your muscles. We’ll charge those traditional yoga poses with amplified beats that will boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass. You won’t be made of marble afterwards, but close. Free weights are provided.

Spin + Yoga

Equal and opposite exercise. This class channels symmetry through a combination of spin and yoga. The balanced workout brings the mind down a path to serenity and spurs the heart to ascend a mountainous cardio routine.