Our Story






c. 2013.

Burst has always been potential in action.

Stacie and Michelle were sisters living on opposite coasts of the country when they discovered the soulful experience of spinning. The togetherness, the freedom, the euphoria. It wasn’t long before they reunited in the Midwest and created the boutique studio that would become Burst.

The two sisters built Burst to build a community. They nurtured an inclusive culture that represented the spirit of spinning. The fitness was personal, but the experience would be shared.

c. Now.

Burst is different to make a difference. Music is the heart of the movement and empowerment the end result. The instructors are artists of expressive exercise. The groove to gains is a multidimensional fusion of spinning and yoga that rocks the body. It’s a holistic combination that hits the muscles, the heart and the mind. Potential, in action.

With studios poised to spread across the country, Burst itself is evidence that inspiration can become impact.